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Let's Make all

Roads Safe

by filling in critical gaps at regional and country levels. Our intervention, mechanism and support can reduce challenges in road safety.

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Make a Difference

Now more than ever, we need to utilize the opportunity presented by the Global Plan for Road Safety to structure actions that will see a reduction in the occurrence of road crashes in Zimbabwe.


Safe road infrastructure that puts human beings at the centre of its designs


We need to invest heavily in constant awareness and advocacy for safe road use


We need to update our road safety legislation and ensure effective policing all the way through to prosecution. This will curb traffic law violations by road users

Emergency Care

focusing mainly on an effective post-crash solution.

Members & Partners

about foundation

The second after that...

After having survived a tragic road crash, our founder and chief visionary -Sam Nyaude realized as citizens of Zimbabwe we need to do more to improve road safety in our country. We can’t continue to look to the government for all solutions in the prevailing environment, especially taking into cognisance that a lot of the problems on Zimbabwe’s roads are attributed to human error. This translates to a need for road use behaviour change!

Road Safe Trust envision a country where everyone has the opportunity to live a life that is safe from preventable road traffic deaths and injuries.
...50% less by 2030
Join us to educate road users

The Moving fact

In Zimbabwe Buses and public road transport account for
50% of total fatalities followed by pedestrians,
Drivers and passengers of four-wheeled cars,
light vehicles, riders of two or three-wheeled motorized cycles,
pedal cyclist and drivers of heavy trucks
and these statistics are annually increasing.
The time to ACT on safer road use in Zimbabwe is now.

How Can You help?

your simple actions and time can aid in achieving our goal

Road Safety

Ensure you abide to all road rules and regulations. Develop skills on road usage.

Safe Roads

develop awareness and maintenance skills for safe roads & proper usage.

Safe Vehicles

enforcement, education & maintenance can ensure a safer vehicle are on the roads

Safe Users

basic training including family pedestrians on regulatory and direct signs and proper road usage.

Post-Crash Effective Response

awareness of emergency numbers, first-aid skills and proper road use in the event of a crush site.


by the increase information sharing to anyone you may know, simple facts ensure safer roads.

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